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mobile oil change trailer by Lance Winslow

This is not an offer to sell franchises to the public. That offer can not be made through the Internet; it may only be made through the Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD).

Due to economic forces beyond the control of the American People, some of us have been put into a rather rough situation. Recognizing this fact and the state of affairs of many Americans we have developed a unit that is built for $5,700.00 . Total package $9,500.00 including franchise system.

A mobile oil-change trailer unit, which is a scaled down model of our larger trailer units with complete on-site oil changing equipment to put you into your own business.

We are willing to put you into this unit with the help of our third party vendor for financing. The trailer is $5,700 and the franchise fee for a starter territory is $3,800 . You will be allowed to purchase at a reduced franchisee fee later (first right of refusal) to upgrade. We believe it is our responsibility to help our Country back on her feet, provide jobs and move this mighty economy back into the prosperity we deserve. Just as American forces have liberated other countries, we will help you start your own business and break free from possible economic enslavement.

This unit is currently our International Franchise Unit. It is built durable for rough roads in other countries, which means it can handle it's self as an urban assault trailer behind your urban assault SUV. It is also easy to tow because in many countries most vehicles are small four cylinder diesel cars and pick-ups. We are making these units available to those who want to be careful and smart with their money and start out small and build their American Dream. We have added a few options such as Diamond Plate sides, trailer light kits, trailer brakes and bed liner to make this unit nice enough for you to two behind your 0/0 new car, SUV or well equipped pick-up.

This is a great unit for young future entrepreneurs just starting out or very cautious, intelligent individuals who want to be wise with their money. It also makes a quick entry into business for the more than 15 million Americans who have been laid off. Or those who have gone through a nasty divorce and are joining the 50% of Americans who are now starting over and wish to build a business quick.

We have full participation from Oil Companies for product lines and distributors who will sell bulk oil and complete product lines to you or refer you to another customer of theirs wishing to share the savings of buying and using bulk oil.

We are relying on you for the future of America. It is entrepreneurs like you who have helped build this great nation strong and powerful. We must continue in that tradition. To create wealth, create jobs and prove that American is still the "Land of Opportunity." That we can and will pursue happiness. That nothing can stop the will of a dedicated individual in his or her commitment to success. This is what we believe. If you are someone like this, it's time to join our Team.

Email: Mr. Lance Winslow, Lance@oilchangeguys.com

Tell him of your situation and ask him how the Oil Change Guys can assist you in attaining financing through our vendors. If you want, ask him for advice on building a custom designed plan to help you start small and carefully and finish big by building fast and strong for the future. Remember the saying from Winston Churchill: "If you have to go through hell to get to where you are going, DON'T STOP!" We understand, we want to help and with your perseverance, dedication and commitment to customer serve, we can make this happen.

We want winners and we understand that the real winners are those who want to be careful with their money. We recognized this fact and listened to you and have delivered the: "Laid of from Corporate America Special." Email us today and ask for an application to join our team. EZ-10-4U Application form. And by the way, you don't have to be laid off yet, to take us up on this offer.

We are not offering this unit
during the 2008-2010 recession.

Updated: June 2012:

Due to the unsportsmanlike conduct of the Obama Administration - class warfare, ObamaCare Costs, and anti-oil industry attacks. It is unlikely that such a franchise makes sense unless Barack Hussein Obama is defeated in November of 2012 so that the business community can get back to doing what it does best, thanks to free-market capitalism. If you voted for that gentleman, blame yourself & be careful what you wish for or post on FaceBook next time around!

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